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Runmode, programming Siemens PLCs

February 2, 2010

S7 DB TAGS v 1.0 is rolling!

S7 DB TAGS GENERATOR decodes any S7-300/-400 datablocks in your Step7 project and generates a tag for each variable. It parses simple and complex types, arrays of structures, nested UDTs and so on.

No HMI / SCADA brand-bound ties! The utility outputs the data in Excel (XLS) or Comma Separated Values (CSV) format thus allowing a lot of flexibility in creating your own SCADA tags table. Run the S7 DB TAGS GENERATOR and then integrate the tags into WinCC, Intouch, Factory Link, Movicon, and many others. Useful also for your own proprietary HMI applications developed using VisualBasic, C++, Delphi, etc. and OPC connectivity.

S7 DB TAGS GENERATOR runs eithers as GUI application or as command line (can be called by your automated procedures).

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xCP Modbus

June 21, 2012

S7 MODBUS BLOCKS for ASCII CPs or CPUs with on-board serial interface, updated version.

xCP Modbus is a set of blocks for both Modbus RTU Master and Modbus RTU Slave. With this library you will not need anymore high cost Siemens CP341/441 and its expensive driver dongle.  The blocks allows you to run a Modbus link on CP340/440, PtP CPUs, ET200 CPs, Profibus serial cards (by WAGO, VIPA etc.) or even tunnelling over Ethernet!

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Who said that automation programmers are just geeks or nerds? They can even laugh on themselves, time to time!


xCP Modbus S7 DB Tags Products

June 21, 2012

xCP MODBUS drivers being bundled with Helmholz SAS340 cards by AN CONSULT

The Spanish company AN CONSULT ( will sell Helmholz CP serial cards SAS 340/341 (compatible with Siemens CP340 and CP341) bundled with our xCP Modbus drivers.

October 9, 2013

A free multi-platform Ethernet communication suite available at SourceForge

Have a look at SNAP7, courtesy of Davide Nardella

          November 15, 2013

xCP NMEA0183 project, say your requirements!

I am evaluating whether to develop a NMEA0183 messages interpreter for Siemens S7 serial cards (or serial tunnelling on S7 Ethernet).  It will be a cross-CP driver, just like our xCP Modbus.
Please forward your wish list of specs and features to

It’s just a survey, no commitments and no bounds. Any suggestion is welcome.

It’s just a survey, no commitments and no bounds. Any suggestion is welcome.