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Runmode, programming Siemens PLCs

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xCP NMEA0183 for S7-300/-400 PLCs

CP-independent, plain Step-7 code NMEA0183 driver

Runmode xCP stands for “cross Communication Processors”, a software driver that is not tightly wrapped around any specific S7 CP. It thus allows a large degree of freedom in selecting for your project the best serial Communication Processor (CP) at the lowest price.

xCP NMEA0183 is a set of S7 blocks which interpret the NMEA messages and translate them into proper PLC variable sets.

Your CP choice may include rack mounted or networked CPs, either by Siemens or by other manufactures (e.g. Vipa, Wago, Helmholz, etc).

Tunnelling, go Ethernet to serial!

xCP drivers can also be used for tunnelling via Ethernet. If your S7 PLC is equipped with an Ethernet port, you can connect an Ethernet-to-serial converter to your devices.

xCP NMEA0183 project, say your requirements!

I am evaluating whether to develop a NMEA0183 messages interpreter for Siemens S7 serial cards (or serial tunnelling on S7 Ethernet).  It will be a cross-CP driver, just like our xCP Modbus.

Please forward your wish list of specs and features


It’s just a survey, no commitments and no bounds. Any suggestion is welcome.

AAM - Waypoint Arrival Alarm

ALM - Almanac data

APA - Auto Pilot A sentence

APB - Auto Pilot B sentence

BOD - Bearing Origin to Destination

BWC - Bearing using Great Circle route

DTM - Datum being used.

GGA - Fix information

GLL - Lat/Lon data

GRS - GPS Range Residuals

GSA - Overall Satellite data

GST - GPS Pseudorange Noise Statistics

GSV - Detailed Satellite data

MSK - send control for a beacon receiver

MSS - Beacon receiver status information.

RMA - recommended Loran data

RMB - recommended navigation data for gps

RMC - recommended minimum data for gps

RTE - route message

TRF - Transit Fix Data

STN - Multiple Data ID

VBW - dual Ground / Water Spped

VTG - Vector track an Speed over the Ground

WCV - Waypoint closure velocity (Velocity Made Good)

WPL - Waypoint Location information

XTC - cross track error

XTE - measured cross track error

ZTG - Zulu (UTC) time and time to go (to destination)

ZDA - Date and Time