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Runmode, programming Siemens PLCs

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About me

I am Luca Gallina, a free lance professional who started programming Siemens PLCs in 1988.

My resume is also available here


Freelance programmer/analyst with extensive experience on Siemens Step5 / Step7 PLCs and with automated systems integration from the conceptual design stage to commissioning.

Professional experience


PLC Controllers and languages




Past experience in programming other PLCs brands: Allen-Bradley, Omron, GE, Schneider (Telemecanique), Hitachi, Mitsubishi, April, Klockner-Moeller, Texas Instruments, Honeywell System 9000.


Microchip PIC microcontrollers  (programmed in C)

Computer science

Teaching skills

Experience as PLC programming instructor at professional schools and industrial companies.


Logistics and Airport relevant information

My skills and experience in developing automated storage systems (belt and tray conveyors, barcode readers and printers, RFID devices, items tracking, communication with higher-level computer systems) can be applied to Baggage and Freight Handling Systems.

As aviation fan, I am aware of avionics instrumentation and ground systems concepts (e.g. Airport Light Processor, Runway Safety System).  I am familiar with aviation jargon and ATC communications.

Stage automation relevant information

I developed stage automation projects based on custom-made cards for stepper motors control (laser mirrors and gratings positioning) and touch screen interface.  Microcontrollers programmed in C, user interface programmed in Delphi. Communication via DMX protocol.